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Hello, I’m Mary Waring. I learnt everything I know about finance from my mother. Not because she sat me down and taught me maths. In fact, far from it. I saw the life she was leading and promised myself from an early age “that’s not going to be me.”

You see, she was in an unhappy marriage, in fact a very unhappy marriage. But she was effectively trapped, because she had no money in her own right. She wasn’t an educated woman and didn’t have the ability to earn a reasonable income. So, in the days before the Child Support Agency she knew that there was no way she could support herself and three children if she left my father. Therefore, she ended up trapped in an unhappy marriage until all three of us had grown up and left home. At that point she escaped!

From this experience, I realised from a very young age that money gives you choices. I’m not saying it makes you happy. But it gives you choices that potentially wouldn’t be available to you without money. However, to make the most of those choices you need to understand your money and what it means.

Money on its own has little value. It’s the experiences you can have with money that matter, and make a difference to your life.

Regardless of how much money you have, if you don’t know whether it’s enough, the worry will keep you awake at night.

This early life experience forms the basis of the work I do with my clients. My aim is to give you confidence, clarity and peace of mind so you can start enjoying your life rather than worrying about money.

Why I’m different



I’m a chartered accountant a chartered financial planner, and have specialist accreditation from the solicitor’s body Resolution.  I am one of less than a handful of advisers in the whole of the UK have this high level of qualification.



I charge for my advice, not for moving your money. A number of advisers charge when they move your money or recommend a new investment.


I have been shortlisted for both Chartered Financial Planner of the Year and shortlisted for City Wealth’s Power Woman of the Year in the Entrepreneurial category. I am a recognised leader in my field of expertise.


I won’t insist you to come to my office. I will meet with you at your house or wherever is convenient for you.


I charge a fixed fee, not an hourly rate and nor a percentage of your assets, as the majority of advisers do. My fees are transparent and easy to understand. You will never be in the position of not knowing exactly what fees you are paying.


I’ve trained in coaching and listening skills, since our relationship is about you, not about your money.

My overriding aim is that working together is a wonderful experience for you. It’s all about you! Working with me changes lives.

So, if you’re a woman, who despite having cash and investments of £3 million or more, still feel uncertain as to whether you have enough, you’re in the right place.

This is something I can help you with.

I’m looking forward to getting to know you better and seeing if we’re a good fit to work together.

To see how I can transform women’s lives, view my case studies.

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