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Hello, I’m Mary Waring. The work I do helping women to manage their money and my commitment to helping women to navigate the financial maze was all inspired by my mother. I learnt everything I know about women and money by observing her. I saw the life that she was leading and I promised myself that not only would that never be me but that one day I would help women like my Mum to be financially confident and independent.

You see, what was obvious to me – even as a very young child – was that my mother was effectively trapped in a very unhappy marriage because she had no money of her own. She wasn’t an educated woman, and she didn’t have the ability to earn a reasonable income. So, in the days before the Child Support Agency she knew that there was no way she could support herself and three children if she left my father.

It wasn’t until all three of us had grown up and left home that she was finally able to escape. Even then, without the costs of supporting children, her finances were always precarious and I know that she spent many sleepless nights worrying about money.

This has inspired me to offer the services I offer to women before, during and after a divorce.

Money on its own has little value. It’s the experiences you can have with money that matter, and make a difference to your life. And what my mother’s experience taught me was that money gives you choices. I’m not saying it makes you happy. But it gives you options  that potentially wouldn’t be available to you without money. However, to make the most of those choices you need to understand your money and what it means.

My aim is to give you confidence, clarity and peace of mind so you can start enjoying your life rather than worrying about money. Working with me transforms women’s lives.

I’m looking forward to getting to know you better and seeing if we’re a good fit to work together.

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Why I’m different



I’m a chartered accountant, a chartered financial planner, and have specialist accreditation from the solicitor’s body Resolution.  I am also a qualified and experienced coach. I am the only adviser in the UK with my specific qualifications.


I have twice won City Wealth’s Power Woman of the Year Award in the Entrepreneurial category, twice won Women in Finance Awards Financial Adviser of the Year, and have been shortlisted for Chartered Financial Planner of the Year. I am a recognised leader in my field of expertise.


I charge a fixed fee for my advice, not an hourly rate nor a percentage of your assets. My fees are transparent and easy to understand. You will never be in the position of not knowing exactly what fees you are paying.


I’ve trained in coaching and listening skills, since our relationship is about you, not about your money.


I know that you’re busy.  I won’t insist you to come to my office.  I will meet with you at your house or wherever is convenient for you.


With my help you can take control of your financial future.  Together we ensure your interests are always protected.

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