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Gwenn Williams - click to read

What prompted you to have a meeting with me?

I was quite anxious about my financial future, and had no clear idea of where I stood. I didn’t know what information I needed or how to get hold of that information.

I was in a real quandary and found the situation really challenging. I was desperate for some peace of mind about my finances, since the worry and uncertainty was keeping me awake at night.

How did you feel at our first meeting?

At the meeting I was very upset and emotional since I just didn’t know what my finances looked like. However, you were very empathetic and put me at ease. You made me feel very comfortable and safe.

Prior to the meeting I was concerned about how I’d feel about my lack of financial understanding. However, even though I’m not financially savvy you treated me with empathy and acknowledged that I did have a brain!

I left that meeting feeling much more confident and it set my mind at ease. You were very easy to take to.

What difference has our working together made to you?

I now feel much more secure, and financially sound. I know I can retire in 1 year if I wish. It is such a total weight off my mind.

Any final words:

If you’re worrying about your money, do find someone you can work with. Don’t let it take its toll on you emotionally and physically.

Mary has helped me to gain a better understanding of my financial matters in a way which was very straight forward and easy to understand.

She provides a service which really takes into mind the person she is working with. The personal approach, making sure that a person feels that they are being listened to is something that she is excellent in providing to her clients.

– Gwenn Williams

Sheila Hill - click here to read

What prompted you to have a meeting with me?

I’d tried learning about financial planning but realised I didn’t have the time, knowledge or skills to make confident informed decisions and felt the pressure of time passing quickly.  I knew I needed to take positive steps to see what my financial future would look like in retirement.

How did you feel at our first meeting?

Initially I felt nervous due to my lack of knowledge plus I’d had a bad experience with a male financial advisor’s attitude in the past. However, I was delighted that you treated me as an adult and explained everything in such a clear and straightforward manner.  I was keen to learn more so this approach really suited.  I didn’t want to be given advice without understanding the reasons behind the advice.

I was encouraged that you asked specific questions about my circumstances. It made me realise this was going to be a financial plan tailored to me and my situation rather than something generic.

You addressed my concerns and helped me identify the shortfalls I needed to turn around, to meet the lifestyle I wanted. I knew that what I had in place was no longer appropriate, but didn’t know how to change course.

I was concerned I wouldn’t have enough savings, but did not know how much extra I needed to save.

What difference has our working together made to you?

The discussions we’ve had have given me insight and clarity, and as a result I’m much more confident about my financial future.  Reviewing your report was both surprising and immensely reassuring – I could never have worked that all out on my own.

You challenged me enough during our meetings to clarify some things I want to do when I retire. So I now have solid ideas to plan for, rather than a few vague notions.

I would even go so far as to describe our work together as ‘liberating’ – it’s given me permission to enjoy what I do have, knowing I can spend within my budget and still have enough for the lifestyle I want, when I retire.

I recently bought a new car, and it’s one of the few times in my life I’ve bought a large purchase from desire rather than necessity.  Every time I get in the car it makes me smile – even now!

I’m the kind of person that wants everything explained to them, so I can understand why I’m being advised to take a particular course of action.  You did that without make me feel self-conscious or stupid, until I felt reassured. I look forward to continue working with you in the future.

– Sheila Hill

Lynne Adams - click to read

What prompted you to have a meeting with me?

I felt totally overwhelmed about the finances after my divorce and was very frightened.

I was surrounded by people giving anecdotal advice and didn’t really know where to turn.


How did you feel at our first meeting?

I came into the meeting very concerned about my financial future. Everyone I’d spoken to about my fears had made some form of emotional comment, some of it conflicting.

But once you’d looked at everything and analysed it you said “you’re actually going to be all right”. That was so reassuring. Your comment was reliable since it was analytical, and wasn’t coloured by emotion.

It was such a huge weight off my mind. I loved the reassurance that I was OK.

I appreciated that your fees were fixed so that I could call you and discuss my concerns without worrying about increasing costs.

What difference has our working together made to you?

I have a much clearer idea of what I can afford to spend each month, and know that I don’t have to panic about selling the house now.

The work we’ve done has provided a framework for both the long and short term. Provided I keep to that I know I’m OK financially. It makes having a future possible when there’s a framework to follow.

Prior to our work together I had been surrounded by a sea of paper, with no framework. I couldn’t think about my future when I was still sorting my present day divorce

You’re so busy sorting the current mess that the future is a panic. Therefore, the plan is really helpful.

– Lynne Adams

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